with Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain is a shared cryptographically unalterable ledger for recording the history of transactions. It’s not centralized, it’s not owned by any party, it is democratized. Ultimately, it increases trust between parties, because every single modification of the information can be traced, and no one is on top. It increases accountability, and above all transparency.
QR codes are already placed on a significant number of food products. Today, they only aim at delivering poor marketing-related information and too few people are interested in scanning them. Their potential is very under-exploited by F&B actors to deliver meaningful information and services… So let's replace them all!
  • 8 young professionals
  • 5 nationalities
  • 12 MScs, 4 PhDs, 57 Scientific publications
  • With complementary educational and professional backgrounds
  • Both in the Food and the Tech Industries
  • Both thinkers and doers
  • Willing to revolutionize food safety
  • And disrupt the F&B sector
  • Only for the best