TAGsparency brings an innovative and integrated solution to support traceability and transparency in the food system while making it a rewarding activity for all actors in the food chain.

The solution is proposed to Consumers, Producers, and Retailers in the form of a mobile application and Softwares as a Service (SaaS). It uses a smart combination of QR-codes, Blockchains, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (GreyCat) to increase transparency and food safety while bringing an unprecedented level of trust.

By scanning TAGsparency QR-codes, Consumers will easily consult detailed, certified and unaltered information about food products like composition, origin of ingredients, allergens, quality labels, estimated nutritional values since production date... They can also be reminded to consume their purchased food products before expiration date, can check anytime if the product is still safe to consume since they bought it and can even send feedback directly to Producers or Retailers - including the direct notification of a potential food intoxication.

In return, Producers can use these direct feedbacks to retain customers, improve recipes, launch direct loyalty programs and ad hoc marketing activities. Most importantly, in case of detection of food product defects, the call-backs of concerned batches can be precisely, smoothly and efficiently executedwhile preserving the brand of both producers and retailers.

Finally, Retailers can use TAGsparency to mitigate food waste in stores while detecting more easily product with a short remaining life, and promote the distribution of transparent products that offer an unrivaled level of safety.

Blockchain is a shared cryptographically unalterable ledger for recording the history of transactions. It’s not centralized, it’s not owned by any party, it is democratized. Ultimately, it increases trust between parties, because every single modification of the information can be traced, and no one is on top. It increases accountability, and above all transparency.
QR codes are already placed on a significant number of food products. Today, they only aim at delivering poor marketing-related information and too few people are interested in scanning them. Their potential is very under-exploited by F&B actors to deliver meaningful information and services… So let's replace them all!

Discover the TAGsparency Applications for Producers and Retailers

The TAGsparency Applications for Producers:

  • Releasing info about all ingredients, their provenance and check product authenticity.
  • Facilitating consumers allergen’s detection before purchase.
  • Delivering a live estimate of current nutritional values and confirm expiration date.
  • Making sure the product is still safe just before it is about to be consumed.
  • Reintermediating trustworthy producers-consumers relationship (leaving a rating or a feedback to the producer, enabling direct promotional offers and brand communication).
  • Having the possibility to send an alert to the producer with a severity rating and backed with a quick medical questionnaire if a consumer thinks the product has poisoned him /her.
  • All data is analysed by the TAGsparency platform powered with Artificial Intelligence to provide root cause food intoxication analysis and enable targeted call-backs & smooth containment plans that safeguard brand perception.

The TAGsparency Applications for Retailers:

  • Reducing food waste via automated monitoring and alerting of product expiration date in the shelves of retailers.
  • Enabling retailers to send very qualified discount notifications to consumers’ smartphones – especially for the products that get close to an expiration date - via previously scanned products consultation and geolocation from converted clients.
  • Enabling retailers to get feedback data from consumers that bought products in their stores.
  • Enabling retailers to guaranty food safety for consumers via automated identifications of products that should be called back.
  • Enabling retailers to reward consumers with very relevant & targeted discounts generated via token allocations.